Coline Berry “maintains” and “umes” her accusations against her father


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Coline Berry, the daughter of actor Richard Berry in February 2021. THOMAS SAMSON / AFP

The actor’s daughter spoke out after the Court of Cation’s decision on Tuesday to overturn her conviction for defamation.

Invited this Saturday on the set of BFMTVColine Berry, daughter of the actor and director Richard Berry, affirmed to maintain and ume “all his accusations» of incest against his father. Three days after the annulment by the Court of Cation of her conviction for defamation, Coline Berry, accompanied by her lawyer, said “relieved” even if “not completely washed» because the defamation complaint is postponed on appeal.

It was so amazing that we could file a complaint when I simply denounced acts of which I was a victim.“, she also denounced, claiming to have undergone the hearing of her defamation trial “in a stunning way“. “I suffered everything, heard everything, I was even slapped by my mother-in-law“.

In February 2021, Coline Berry mentioned in an article published in the newspaper The world violence that she allegedly suffered between the ages of 8 and 10, at the home of her father who then lived with Jeane Manson, accused of having participated with him in these attacks. The 73-year-old former singer had decided to sue her ex-daughter-in-law for defamation before the Aurillac court, in Cantal, where she lives part of the year. On April 14, 2022, the Aurillac court sentenced Coline Berry-Rojtman, 47, to a fine of 2,000 euros for defamation, accompanied by 20,000 euros in damages as well as 5,000 euros in legal costs.

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If I come this evening to testify, although it is not an exercise that I appreciate, it is to point out the fact that when we file a complaint today, we can be sued for defamation while the investigations are in progress and no facts can be verified», was also offended Coline Berry denouncing a “problem in the judicial chronology“.

“Freedom from all moral limits”

The investigation targeting the actor accused of incest by his daughter was dismissed on August 31, 2022 due to statute of limitations. “The facts, I live with them, despite everything, like all victims, and I build myself with them as best I can, in pain, not always pively and simply.», Also affirmed Coline Berry, questioned about the impossibility of criminal conviction of her father.

Claiming to have “reached out dozens of times», the daughter of Richard Berry also explained again having filed a complaint against her father including “that there was nothing more to expect from him“.

Also asked about the fact that the accused, whose complaint was dismissed, could continue his life as an actor and director without consequences, she declared that she was experiencing this state of affairs “as the symbolism of yet another freedom from all possible moral limits“.

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