Commercial Zaffari opens third wholesale store in 2023

Accelerated pace and indicating that it will reach the 2022 mark, when five stores were opened. These are wholesale stores from Comercial Zaffari, based in Po Fundo and the third largest group in the sector in the State, according to the ranking of the ociação Gaúcha de Supermercados (Agas). Comercial informed this Tuesday (3) that it will open, by the end of October, the third unit of the Stok Center in 2023 and with a reinforced presence on the Western Border.

The Aletgrete unit opens on October 24th, according to the supermarket group, in a statement. It will be the 27th unit of the fastest growing format in Rio Grande do Sul. The chain also has 10 neighborhood supermarkets. The new unit is on Avenida Tiaraju, in the Ibirapuitã neighborhood. The project, whose total contribution was not informed by the brand, will generate 150 direct jobs.

There are more than 7,800 items in the mix that will be on sale in the almost 4,500 square meter store. The total area reaches almost 9,500 square meters, says the group, which earned R$3.4 billion in 2022. There are 264 parking spaces and 30 service boxes. Comercial also mentions that the building has rainwater collection for bathrooms, cleaning, garden maintenance and fire reserves. The lamps are LED.

This year the brand has already opened stores in Uruguaiana, the first in Fronteira Oeste, and Soledade, in Planalto. The Stok Center branches in the North of Porto Alegre, which will be the second in the Capital, and in Alvorada, must also be completed. There is also a unit being installed on the banks of BR-116, in Esteio, which could be completed this year, considering the speed of execution, which follows the precast system.

Santana do Livramento and Venâncio Aires should have their Stok Center stores in 2024, according to the Minuto Varejo column. There are more destinations in the group’s sights, such as Cachoeirinha, in the Metropolitan Region, where Comercial is looking for land.

The first is in Canoas, opened in May this year. The Santa Catarina group will open in Caxias do Sul this year and plans to open three more in 2024 – Porto Alegre, Novo Hamburgo and Gravataí. Three other Gauchos, Zaffari, with its Cestto, Unidasul, Macromix banner, and Imec, from Desco, have more stores being installed. Andreazza, from Caxias do Sul, is fast-tracking work on his first Vantajão, which will be in the north of Porto Alegre. Santa Catarina’s Parela, from Via Atacadista, also has expansion planned in the Capital and Vale do Taquari.

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