compensation between 10 and 91 euros for Navigo RER and Transilien subscribers

Users, holders of a Navigo subscription, of the RER and Transilien lines operated by the SNCF will be entitled to compensation between 10 and 91.30 euros because of the strikes which affected the network within the framework of the contestation of the reform of retreats. “More than 2 million subscribed users should be eligible for a refund”, announced Thursday, May 25 Ile-de-France Mobilités (IDFM) in a press release. The regional transport authority specifies that a platform for submitting reimburt requests will be set up “in July 2023”.

“Twenty-nine branches of train lines saw, over at least one day, a service of less than 33%” of the theoretical offer, explains IDFM. “Some have had more than twenty days of service below 33%. » Each day below the minimum service entitles you to compensation of 2.80 euros per day for a monthly or annual Navigo p.

“To compensate for the hardship suffered by travelers”

A minimum compensation of 10 euros is provided for subscribers who have taken lines operated by SNCF that have been affected by strikes for one, two or three days, such as the My branch of RER C or line L. Beyond that, reimburt is 2.80 euros per day, adding 10 euros “to compensate for the hardship suffered by travelers”, according to IDFM. The compensation is thus between 21.20 euros (line N Paris-Nantes, for example) and 91.30 euros (line R Paris – Montereau via Héricy).

The pes eligible for reimburt are the monthly Navigo (including on the discovery p and on smartphones, the monthly p benefiting from the 50% reduction and the solidarity p 75%), the annual Navigo – including senior pricing -, as well as the Imagine R student and school p.

These packages “must be valid for at least one month of strike [entre janvier et avril] of the branches concerned”details IDFM. “A dedicated platform will be launched in July 2023 to allow the subscribers concerned to submit their request for compensation”specifies the Ile-de-France transport authority.

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