Competition for the judiciary, Lo Voi: “They tried to make it up”

Competition for the judiciary, Lo Voi: “They tried to make it up”

An attempt to rig the last competition that took place in the ordinary judiciary. This is what was discovered by the magistrates of Piazzale Clodio, coordinated by the prosecutor Francesco Lo Voi.

A story that dates back to a few weeks ago but which was made known today by the head of the Rome prosecutors during a conference at the Court of Auditors. On the basis of what was reported by the magistrate during one of the written tests, an attempt was made to alter the regularity of the selection.

«They attempted to make the theme recognizable in one of the three disciplines – said Lo Voi – by informing one of the commissioners of the competition of the identifying sign of the writing. It’s a story I’m talking about because it’s no longer covered by investigative secrecy”.

During his speech, the head of the Rome prosecutors explained that “due to an error this message with the identification sign was sent to the telephone of another commissioner”.

A “material” error, sending to the wrong address. The inspector was therefore suspicious and immediately understood that something strange, illegal was happening around that written test.

«The examination commissioner – added the prosecutor of the Capital – denounced what happened and within a few days we identified the protagonists by starting a criminal proceeding. We looked for the criminal profiles and if we hadn’t had the crime of attempted abuse of office for a fact like this which appears serious to me, we would have been able to do absolutely nothing”.

In the investigation launched in Piazzale Clodio, two people were entered in the register: a university professor in the capacity of commissioner and one of the candidates. For the two, the immediate judgment by the prosecutors of the capital was triggered which allows the proceedings to be brought before the court by skipping the preliminary hearing.

Speaking at the conference, which concerned the application of the crime of abuse of office, Lo Voi also rattled off the data relating to the case envisaged by article 323 of the penal code. In Rome in 2019 there were 29 disputed cases, 16 cases in 2020, 9 cases in 2021 and 10 cases in 2022.

«How is it that the fear of the signature always comes after and never before? He doesn’t come when someone is applying when he is looking for support for a public office. Fear can affect everyone but caution and scruple are needed,” concluded Lo Voi.

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