Concerts postponed, hits deprogrammed from the radios … After Eurovision, the debacle of the diva La Zarra

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Between the low capacity of her concerts and the deprogramming of her songs on the radio, the Canadian singer shows a serious loss of speed. PHIL NOBLE / REUTERS

The singer, representing France at Eurovision, became persona non grata after her middle finger during the show. She is forced to postpone several dates of her tour, due to lack of attendance.

The career of the diva already seems compromised. Canadian singer La Zarrawho represented France at Eurovision on May 13, was forced to postpone several dates of her concert tour scheduled to last until January 2024. If the production invokes “technical reasons”these postponements would in fact be linked to the lack of reservations in theaters, reports The Parisian .

For now, only two dates have been postponed. The interpreter of you will go away was to perform on June 2 and 8 at the Espace Julien in Marseille and at the Splendid in Lille. The two evenings have been moved to December. A third date scheduled for June 15 Salle Pleyel does not seem threatened. always according to The Parisianthe Parisian concert hall would have sold only two thirds of the tickets for the evening.

Descent into hell

The singer would show a serious loss of speed since her page to Eurovision. In addition to its ranking at the 16e place of the podium (out of a total of 37 participants), La Zarra aroused general indignation by addressing a middle finger live to television cameras. A gesture that she minimized later, explaining that in Canada, it was a way to express his “disappointment”. Later, the singer published an Instagram story in which she invited “all those who [la] criticize» To “all[er] [se] make enc… with a cucumber». To these movements of moods are added two last minute cancellations to the Eurovision preshows for “personal reasons”.

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The pill does not p on the side of the public, and even less on the side of the programmers. The eco-friendly Greenland festival, which is to be held on July 23 at Lake Palau-del-Vidre, near Perpignan, has already announced that the singer will not come for “reasons beyond the control of [leur] will”. In reality, this cancellation would be directly linked to the outrageous attitude of the singer during the Eurovision final. His latest hit, Obviouslywas also deprogrammed from most national radio playlists, again according to The Parisian. In particular those of France Bleu – which was nevertheless part of the partners of Eurovision. The station no longer broadcasts it on its antennas since the final of the competition.

If La Zarra’s record company says today that the latter is recording a second studio album, the descent into hell could continue for the singer. Other dates may be postponed. To compensate for the haemorrhage, promotions of 30% have been put in place to sell tickets for certain dates.

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