Confidence of most industrial sectors falls in January

Most industrial sectors are not confident about the economy at the start of the year. This is what the Industrial Entrepreneur Confidence Index (Icei) shows by sector, released this Wednesday (25) by the National Confederation of Industry (CNI).

According to the survey, of the 29 sectors consulted, 19 had Icei below 50 points, the cutoff line that separates trust from distrust. According to CNI economist Larissa Nocko, between December 2022 and January 2023, nine sectors moved from a state of confidence to one of lack of confidence. But, in the comparison between one month and another, the confidence index had a decrease in 26 of the 29 sectors analyzed, in all regions of the country and in all sizes of industrial company.

“Since October 2022, the confidence index of the different industrial sectors has been showing successive falls, anticipating the loss of pace of economic activity that we are now seeing materialize in other indicators relative to the end of 2022. The industrial entrepreneur is more cautious and that is transversal among the industrial sectors”, he evaluates.

The biggest drops in confidence, by region of Brazil, occurred in the North, where the Icei dropped from 55.5 points to 51.7 points, and in the South, where the index dropped from 48.7 points to 46 points. According to the CNI, the lack of confidence is more intense and widespread in small and medium-sized companies, where the Icei was 48.8 points and 48.6 points, respectively. In large companies, the confidence index was 49.7 points.

The sectors that are most confident are those of pharmochemicals and pharmaceuticals; maintenance, repair and installation of machinery and equipment; infrastructure works; extraction of non-metallic minerals.

The sectors with the lowest confidence index are computer equipment, electronic products and others; plastic material products; wood products; machines and equipment.

For the survey, 2,048 companies were interviewed, 839 of which were small, 715 medium and 494 large, between the 3rd and 13th of January.

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