Confidentiality decision lifted in earthquake investigations

Confidentiality decision lifted in earthquake investigations

The confidentiality decision taken by the Earthquake Crimes Investigation Bureau was lifted due to the fact that the evidence was collected to a large extent within the scope of the investigation carried out regarding the 6 destroyed buildings in Diyarbakır. While separate investigations were conducted for each building, 23 people were reported to have been arrested so far.

Confidentiality decision lifted in earthquake investigations

While the investigation carried out by the Diyarbakır Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office regarding the Diyar Galeria, Sözel, Hisami, Yoldaş, Serin-2 and Işık apartment buildings, which were destroyed after the earthquake in Diyarbakır and caused the death of 414 people and the injury of 1097, is continuing, the confidentiality decisions taken for each collapsed building are the proofs. It was removed because it had accumulated significantly.

Eyes were drawn to the expert reports of the collapsed buildings consisting of geology, civil and earthquake engineers and architects.


After the completion of the reports and the determination of the defect rates, the prosecutors of the Earthquake Crimes Investigation Bureau, who will direct the investigation, will prepare an indictment and file a lawsuit against the suspects.

It was reported that the reports would be completed within 45 days and delivered to the prosecution offices.


On the other hand, the demolition of Diyar Galeria site, which has not fallen off the agenda with the claims of cutting columns and beams, has started as of yesterday.

For this reason, it was learned that the experts could not make a discovery in the shop and gym where the column was allegedly cut.

It was learned that the investigations regarding the concrete and core samples taken, iron samples and ground survey are continuing.

While the number of people arrested in relation to 6 buildings that killed 414 people in Diyarbakır is 23, there is an arrest warrant for one person from Galeria’s contractors, and a judicial control decision for 9 people, with a ban on abroad. There is a house arrest warrant for 3 people.

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