Contradictions of the economic model

“The impes surrounding the tax reform are more linked to personal issues than to the public interest,” said senator Omar Aziz (PSD-AM), in conversation with businessmen who are members of the Group of Business Leaders of Brasília (Lide), chaired by by the former governor and regional president of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), Paulo Octávio. Born in São Paulo, but with a gaucho style of speech, perhaps due to the time he lived with his parents in Cacequi, in Rio Grande do Sul, the senator elected by Amazonas, pointed out, without mincing words, that “it’s time to leave the nitpicking aside and make laws to benefit the Nation”.

Congress without retouching

Several impes existing today in the National Congress were shown by the chairman of the Transparency, Governance, Inspection and Control and Consumer Protection Commission of the Senate, Omar Aziz (photo). The senator pointed out to Repórter Brasília that “if you ask all the 513 deputies and the 81 senators, if they are in favor of the tax reform, they all are. So, why doesn’t it come out? If you ask if they want to end hunger , everyone will say yes. What is missing for a country like ours to resume growth and be able to generate jobs and income? We need to think about the public interest”.

risk situation

“Brazil is at risk, with more than 30 million people unable to eat three meals.” And he asks: “Whose fault is this? Wow”, he evaluated identifying the root of the problem. “You don’t make laws that benefit people more.” And he compared: “A country like ours has practically the same number as Ethiopia, going hungry. Ethiopia has a population of 120 million inhabitants, and around 13 million people are going hungry. The population of Brazil is the double, but it also has twice as many people in a critical situation of hunger”.

Leave the ‘picks’ aside

“A lot of people haven’t gone through anything, haven’t seen anything, and think that the businessman is rich, but he didn’t work, he didn’t sacrifice, he didn’t make an effort. They demonize the politician and the businessman. In fact, if we unite, we will generate jobs and income and improve the quality of life of Brazilians. We must leave the nitpicking aside”, argued the congressman.

balanced tax reform

In the evaluation of Omar Aziz, “with the rules of the fiscal framework defined, the government now has a benchmark to spend better. This gives credibility and security to those who want to invest, but we need to pay attention to the breakdown that is happening in the municipalities”, he highlighted, by addressing the need for more balanced tax reform.

Next steps

The next steps along the tortuous paths of Parliament for the government to have a majority, without risk, in the votes, and the definition, this week, of which ministries will be occupied by the Republicans and the Progressives, a soap opera that Lula is having difficulties in writing the last chapter .

municipal elections

The national president of the PSD, Gilberto Kab, who participated in the meeting with the businessmen, told the column that “the best thing for the country is to hope that the government succeeds. We live with the expectation of the resumption of development and job creation. I identify myself with those who are optimistic and who believe in a better Brazil. The focus of the party, now, is the selection of good candidates for the municipal elections”.

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