Corentin Moutet and Adrian Andreev come to blows at the Challenger d’Orléans

The end of the game between Corentin Moutet and Adrian Andreev went wrong this Thursday in the second round of the Orleans Challenger. While the Bulgarian won after 2:58 of a tense and very close duel (2-6, 7-6 [3]7-6 [2]), the handshake turned into an explanation between the two men.

Arrived aggressively at the net to shake hands with Moutet, Andreev added a shoulder bump. Moutet responded in stride, before taking a racket hit. Descended very quickly from his chair, the referee separated the two players, who continued to exchange words.

“I don’t want to apologize for what happened late in the game.explained the Frenchman, 64th in the world, on his Instagram story on Thursday evening. When a player allows himself to say “fuck you” twice looking me straight in the eye, I can’t help but make him understand in my own way that these are not things that are done. »

“I heard your threats, so when you get out of the room where they hid you, I’ll be very happy to see you carry them out.” »

Corentin Moutet on Instagram

Very upset, Moutet assures that Andreev has it “threatened and asked to wait for him at the exit of the court”. Before continuing: “Which I did of course. I struggled to find it for 10 minutes. Sure enough, he was hiding on the other side behind six security people. Of course I heard your threats so when you get out of the room where they hid you I will be very happy to see you carry them out. So I look forward, we can discuss calmly. »

Seeded number 1 in Loiret, the 23-year-old concluded his message with a word for the organizers. “Otherwise, thank you to the tournament for the wild card, I did my best. I would have liked to go further to better honor him, I’m sorry. »

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