Corinne Deacon: “I have the unity of my group to preserve”

“Clara Mateo, Ouleymata Sarr and Sandy Baltimore are not on your list. Why ?
Clara and Ouleymata are injured, for Sandy it’s a choice of the moment. I judge his performances lately with his club (PSG) a little below. Nothing really bad, it’s a selection at a given time. This will allow me to see Lindsey (Thomas) and Faustine (Robert), even if they rather play on the other side (on the right wing).

Laurina Fazer (18, PSG) is making her first appearance in your group. Why did you call her? Same question for Faustine Robert (28, Montpellier) and Lindsey Thomas (27, AC Milan)…
Laurina, I especially watched her during the last U20 World Cup. The idea with my staff was to still integrate young people. She had a good World Cup, we have been following her for a while. She had already had playing time last season in Paris, she has a little more this season. It’s time to see her, in addition against two renowned opponents. This will allow him to gauge himself at the international level. Faustine is having a good start to the season with Montpellier. She had already come with us, she is a player that we know, a little older, but that salutes her current performance. For Lindsey, we’ve been following her for a while. She has stats, playing time, we had a little room with Clara’s package. It will be interesting to see her development since leaving our Championship.

The serious injury of Griedge Mbock sadly concluded the last rally. Do you have any news from him?
Of course, I take news regularly, without bothering him every day either. She is better, she is in rehabilitation. She has to take her pain patiently. She has morals. I take my hat off to her, she is extraordinary, she has such strength, such courage. I think that in his place I would have given up a while ago. But she still wants to, she suffers less today, it allows her to project herself a little more. She is in rehabilitation with Marie-Antoinette Katoto, both support and support each other in these somewhat difficult times.

“When you open the press, there is never anything going. So we would rather tend to be very bad every day. I take the opposite, the opposite”

Kadidiatou Diani makes a great start to the season with PSG, and wears the captain’s armband. Could you give it to him at Les Bleues?
She is efficient and that’s very good, that’s perhaps what we could have blamed her for in the past. She knows it, she works for it every day. She knows she has to be much more decisive. For the captaincy, we have Wendie (Renard) coming back, it’s Wendie captain, there’s no question about that.

Kadidiatou Diani, with the women's PSG this season.  (F. Faugère/The Team)

Kadidiatou Diani, with the women’s PSG this season. (F. Faugère/The Team)

In view of the latest developments on the investigation into Kheira Hamraoui’s attack, will this subject need to be addressed at the upcoming rally, to put things straight and hear the players?
It’s not planned. This is not a story that concerns the France team, at least not directly. We already talked about it after Kheira’s attack. There is a case in progress, we must let justice do its thing. We have to stay focused on the pitch, we have things to prepare. We know what is said in the press, I will not comment further. I don’t have all the information, I’ll refrain from saying anything.

Your name appears in the wiretaps revealed between Aminata Diallo and his adviser César M., also companion of Kadidiatou Diani. How did you react, and will you discuss it with Diani?
I would definitely have a chat with Kadi, but I don’t think about that. We will mainly focus on football, its current performance. It was not Kadidiatou Diani who spoke in the press, I have no problem with her. There is only one story, I prefer to have two. We will abstain from any discussion on this subject. I have the unity of my group to preserve, it will be important. We did some good things at the Euro, we have to capitalize. These two matches should allow us to establish our game, to continue to progress also against two great nations.

Several extra-sporting cases are currently revealed, and in particular around the FFF. Does this worry you?
I’m not necessarily very optimistic by nature, but I’m becoming one. With everything you can hear, what you can read… When you open the press, nothing ever goes right. So we would rather tend to be very bad every day. I take the opposite, the opposite. We are in the France team, I live fully what I live with my players, my staff. We are focused on our performance, our services. You have to ignore what is wrong. We will look for the positive side.

“If Kheira (Hamraoui) is brought to play again in a club and perform well, she will be selectable”

The president of the French Federation Noël Le Graët has been implicated in the context of the affairs around the FFF. Did you feel him touched?
Of course he is affected. Now, I will not comment further. In any case, the exchanges I have with him are always cordial and very professional. Again this morning (Thursday), we saw each other about the upcoming World Cup (from July 20 to August 20, 2023, in Australia and New Zealand). We work well together.

Are you tired of hearing about women’s football for business rather than sport?
No, because it’s the same for boys. For once, we are treated the same way.

Kheira Hamraoui wishes to continue his adventure in the France team. Is she right to believe it?
I have no judgment to pass on this matter. If Kheira is brought to play again in a club and perform well, she will be selectable. The door is not closed for anyone, but today the question does not arise since she does not play.

Kheira Hamraoui, warming up with PSG last season.  (P. Lahalle/The Team)

Kheira Hamraoui, warming up with PSG last season. (P. Lahalle/The Team)

The injuries of Griedge Mbock and Marie-Antoinette Katoto, and the pregnancy of Amel Majri, currently deprive the French team of three major players. Are you optimistic about their presence at the World Cup next summer?
For Marie and Amel yes. For Gledge, a little less.

Wendie Renard calls for more development in French women’s football, including the need to create a professional league. What do you think ?
There are things that are done at the Federation, with in particular the establishment of a high-level Commission, which is empowered to reflect and take decisions. I think she will find solutions, things are taking shape. The players are in good conditions, they are paid to play, which was not the case in my time. There must certainly be an evolution, but we must allow time to time. »

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