Corinne Deville, a great painter at her little table

A drawing by Corinne Deville, January 2010. Private collection

The Sainte-Anne Hospital Museum in Paris exhibits the pictorial works of this artist who lived as a recluse but painted throughout her life. A discovery due to his five children.

To her five children, she was a mother. She is now becoming an artist. It is obvious for the visitor discovering the pictorial work of Corinne Deville (1930-2021), exhibited for the first time as part of a retrospective at the Sainte-Anne Hospital Museum of Art and History in Paris. A hundred extraordinary drawings, saturated with primary colors, real or fantastic characters and animals, abundant landscapes evoking alternately green Switzerland or the African savannah. Naïve art, raw art, modern art, popular art? To assimilate it to a current would be to reduce a life spent painting. “Let’s avoid locking the work and the man in a straitjacket”repeats Anne-Marie Dubois, curator of the exhibition and scientific manager of the Sainte-Anne Collection, a tireless pioneer of talent.

Corinne Deville never produced a work in Sainte-Anne but she painted and drew all her life between her periods of illness. “She had a strong personality”noted…

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