Corsage actor sentenced in Vienna for child ography

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The actor Florian Teichtmeister, on the poster of Bodicehas just been given a two-year suspended prison sentence for possession and production of child ography. Felix Vratny / Ad Vitam

The actor, who had ed around 76,000 child ography files, was given a two-year suspended prison sentence. At the same time, he started therapy.

The actor playing Emperor Franz Joseph in a biopic of Sissi was given a two-year suspended prison sentence in Vienna on Tuesday for possession and production of child ographya case that shocked Austria.

Florian Teichtmeister, 43, has taken note of the decision and will be placed in a specialized medical center. “I sincerely and deeply regret my actions and would like to apologize.“, he had previously declared at the bar, dressed in a charcoal gray suit. Thanks to therapy work that began two years ago when the survey was launched, he says he now understands that “behind each image hides violence“.

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Featured in Bodicethe comedian was accused of obtaining online “about 76,000 documentsover the period from February 2008 to August 2021, more than half of which involved victims aged 7 to 14. He had modified many of them, making collages, slideshows and video montages. The actor had arrived very early at the regional court, placed under heavy police surveillance in order to avoid incidents with demonstrators for the protection of children, reported Austrian media. Prosecutor Julia Kalmar had requested a prison sentence “so as not to minimize such acts“. “Consumers determine the market, even if Florian Teichtmeister did not abuse a child himself“, she had pointed out.

The film caught up in the scandal

The film Bodicewhich found theatrical success in 2022, was filmed before the appearance of “rumors fall 2021as his production explained. It was then presented in nearly 70 festivals and its actor, who said “with conviction be innocentwas invited to premieres in Austria and Germany.

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He competed in the selection “In some perspective» last year at the Cannes Film Festival, where the actress who plays Sissi, Vicky Krieps, received the award for best performance. In the running for the British film awards, the Bafta, Bodice was overtaken by the scandal in mid-January, when the comedian was charged, and was ultimately not retained on the list of nominees for the Oscar for best foreign film. In Austria, the prestigious national theater Burgtheater, where the actor was a member, announced his dismissal, while the public audiovisual group ORF undertook to no longer produce or broadcast projects with him.

The case sparked a controversy over the silence of the cultural elites of this Central European country of nine million inhabitants with a rich artistic scene. The government has in the process proposed a revision of the Penal Code, which should be adopted by Parliament this fall, according to the Ministry of Justice. The penalties for this type of offence, deemed “ridiculously weakby the political cl, will be weighed down, with a possible sentence of 10 years for the production of a “large number of performancesof a child ography nature.

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