Credits for P’Sport will drop in 2024

The budgetary envelope devoted to P’Sport will decrease in 2024. This istance system (50 euros) for registration in a sports structure will have 85 million euros in credits, compared to 100 million in 2022 as well as this year. It is through this position that the Ministry of Sports and the Olympic and Paralympic Games says it has made its contribution to the 5% reduction in spending requested from all ministries, before the summer, by Matignon and Bercy.

“We are getting closer to consumed reality”we argue to the ministry. The system is indeed struggling to take off: 1 million subscriptions in 2021, 1.2 million in 2022 out of a potential “target” of 6.7 million young people between 6 and 30 years old. And, as a result, its budget is far from having been consumed over the last two years: only a little more than 63 million euros had been spent in 2022. The ministry, however, considers that these 85 million euros “give room for maneuver to continue the increase in power of the system” which, this year, could capture “around 1.5 million young people”.

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