Crime suits him so well in his head, tight duel between “A golden family” and The Bélier family

Crime suits him so well in his head, tight duel between “A golden family” and The Bélier family

Audiences on Friday March 10, 2023 for programs broadcast in the first part of the evening.

This Friday, France 2 rose to the top of the hearings with a rebroadcast of the Crime suits him so bi in. The detective series embodied by Claudia Tagbo was seen or reviewed by 3.76 million viewers, representing a 19.5% audience share.

Behind, TF1 and M6 were neck and neck. As in the game hosted by Camille Combal, “A gold family” faced The Aries family. Entertainment on the front page, which brought together Florence Foresti and her comedian friends such as Franck Dubosc, Berengère Krief, Baptiste Lecaplain or even Laura Felipin nevertheless narrowly won the audience game. 2.57 million viewers attended, i.e. 13.2% of the public. For its part, the rerun of Éric Lartigau’s film with LouaneFrançois Damiens and Karin Viard enabled M6 to bring together 2.34 million viewers, or 12.8% of viewers.

At the foot of the podium, France 3 with an unpublished number of“The Secret Box”. Faustine Bollaert reserved surprises for her guests Gérard Gérard Lenorman, Zaz but also Francis Huster. Entertainment gathered 1.91 million followers of the program or 10.8% of the public share.

As for the other channels, France 5 is close to a million with Gloria Mundi. 979,000 moviegoers watched the dramatic film starring Gérard Meylan and Anaïs Demoustier.

Audiences of the first part of the evening of Friday March 10


France 2 TV program

Crime suits him so well

3,760,000 viewers


TF1 TV program

A gold family

2,575,000 viewers


M6 TV program

The Aries family

2,348,000 viewers


France 3 TV program

The secret box

1,910,000 viewers


France 5 TV program

Gloria Mundi

979,000 viewers

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