Criticism of the action of Elisabeth Borne, the French want her to be replaced at Matignon


SURVEY – An Odoxa-Backbone Consulting study for Le Figaro reveals that 69% of the country is not satisfied with the results of the Prime Minister, after a year at the head of the government.

Elisabeth Borne undoubtedly had more festive anniversaries. A year almost to the day after her appointment to Matignon, the time is not right for the party between the Prime Minister and the French, as revealed by the Odoxa-Backbone Consulting survey for Le Figaro. The study to be published on Monday reveals that a large majority of the country (69%) is not satisfied with the results of the head of government, when only 5% consider her action “completely satisfactory”and 26% “quite satisfactory”. Only Renaissance sympathizers still clearly trust it (76%).

Projected on the front line on the front of pensions, the tenant of Matignon suffers in particular from the rejection caused by the reform. If it has never exceeded the 50% popularity mark, its image has collapsed by -17 points in one year, thus reaching its lowest level during the debates in the embly.

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Negative signals as time is running out for Élisabeth Borne, to whom Emmanuel Macron has given until July 14 to “appease” the country. The person concerned, who has since lived under the ax of these famous “hundred days”, is aware of perhaps blowing out his first and last candle at the same time at Matignon. In any case, this is what 62% of respondents want, according to whom the President of the Republic must “to change” of prime minister. An opinion shared on the right and on the left: both among the voters of La France insoumise (84%) and among those of the Republicans (57%).

It must be said that the image of the former boss of the RATP and ex-prefect of Poitou-Charentes has tarnished over the months and bills. During her general policy speech on July 16, 2022, she expressed her desire to resurrect “the culture of compromise”, in the absence of an absolute majority in the National embly. A failed bet for two-thirds of French people (69%) who, on the contrary, find it little “open to dialogue”, in particular after the use of article 49.3 to forcefully p on the pension reform. This, while a new round of consultation is due to begin this week with trade unions to prepare the future labor law of the executive.

A disconnected prime minister

Regularly erting her interest in social issues and ecology – a theme for which she was responsible in the government of Édouard Philippe, and which is now directly attached to her at Matignon -, Élisabeth Borne also likes to recall her DNA of left, in which three quarters of the French (74%) do not believe. “She can sometimes imply that it remains her family at heart, such as when she indicates that there is no rush to introduce the immigration bill”, notes Céline Bracq, CEO of Odoxa. And too bad if the Head of State and the Minister of the Interior finally twisted his arm to force him to put the text back on the job: the elected Calvados is judged anyway “unable” to stand up to Emmanuel Macron by 67% of those polled, according to whom the President of the Republic remains “the strong man” of the executive duo.

More than three quarters of French people (77%) cannot find the Prime Minister either “close to their concerns”and instead describe it as a “technocrat”. The former prefect nevertheless remains perceived as “solid” And “having authority” (57%), even if it loses ground on these two qualities: -12 points on solidity, -14 points on authority. A single year of lease was therefore enough to exhaust the political capital of Elisabeth Borne, who is already no longer considered competent (44%; -25 points), nor dynamic (46%; -22 points). Of the “hundred day” countdown, he already only has three quarters left to hope to reverse the trend. And see his CDD be extended.

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