Crowned Spanish champion, Xavi salutes “unity” around FC Barcelona

Xavi (FC Barcelona coach, lost 2-1 by Real SociedadSaturday, in his speech in the center of the field after the match): “Remember, on the day of the Gamper Trophy, I asked you to unite around the team. Of unity. I think it’s time to thank you. First, the president. I think we’re not too bad now (laughs). To the management team too, for their unconditional support for my staff. We are very grateful, thank you very much.

Secondly, I would like to thank the staff, and all the players, who left their skin on the pitch. Finally, I would like to tell you that without you (the audience), it wouldn’t have been the same. Fans, you’ve been amazing all season. Those who came here, those who were at home, or on the street, like the other day (during the parade). It gave me the ”chicken flesh” (in reference to the expression made famous by Johan Cruyff). THANKS ! »

“It’s only just begun”

Sergio Busquets, captain of FC Barcelona

Sergio Busquets (captain of FC Barcelona, ​​who is about to leave the club): “I would like to thank ”Auba” (Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang)Memphis (Depay)”Geri” (Gerard Pique) and all the comrades of the reserve team who helped us to get this title. The staff, too, who are in the shadows but who were as important as us, because they put us in the best conditions to get there.

(Then start the ”Busi, Busi” chants at the Camp Nou) We wanted to win titles and we got there by being a great team, but above all with great supporters. Thank you for your support, because without you this would not have been possible. Finally, do not doubt any longer: it has only just begun. »

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