“Cyril Hanouna? A false alpha male”: how Booba disrupted the little “party” of “TPMP” fans

“Baba, we love you”, “Baba president”, “TV is just TV”, “We want gas checks”… 4:15 p.m., this Friday, in front of the Parisian headquarters of France Télévisions (15th arrondist). The production of “Touche pas à mon poste” distributes signs to around forty fans of Cyril Hanouna, who responded to the call from We Clap, an agency specializing in invitations to the filming of television shows.

Brazilian dancers, megaphones, the happening was organized to “celebrate” the historic audience record recorded Thursday evening (more than 3 million viewers gathered on Deux at past 11 p.m.) with a number from the magazine “Complément d’investigation” dedicated to the agitated host of C8 and his sulphurous methods. The small gathering of “fanzouzes” was to be the subject of a sequence, supposed to be broadcast the same evening on the C8 show, “with the presence of Cyril Hanouna”, the announcement promised. A way of making fun of the investigative work of France Télévisions on their mentor.

“There are 40 people including 20 old men”

The festivities which promised to be “memorable”, according to the organizers, were thwarted by the presence… of the rapper Booba, ex-friend and new pet peeve of Cyril Hanouna, arrived discreetly shortly before 4 p.m. with his two bodyguards. “It’s ridiculous, there are 40 people including 20 old men. It looks like a soup kitchen. I hope he will come. He is late. If it comes off, it’s magnificent,” says the rapper, wrapped in a thick navy blue balaclava and a white Gucci down jacket.

What he thought of the famous “Additional investigation” in which he participated by granting an interview to presenter Tristan Waleckx? Booba found it “not bad”. “He lacked some pizzazz, but a lot of people are afraid to talk because Hanouna is a semi-mafioso. He intimidates people but the truth will come out,” jokes the man who lives in Miami and landed in Paris on Wednesday evening. His presence, announced by himself on his Twitter account, sows panic in the small production team, which is expecting the boss any minute. At the end of the esplanade, three police officers watch over the group.

“It’s a public place, they don’t have the right to fire me. I am not armed. I’m not here to go to jail. I don’t shoot ambulances. I don’t want to fight with Cyril Hanouna. When you have an opponent, when you’re in a war, I enjoy destroying them. But I would have done without it. It’s good to put people in their place. To know who is who. I’m 46 years old, I’ve had a lot of fun. He’s a fake thug, a fake scumbag, a fake alpha male,” the rapper tells us, his gaze provocative.

Quickly recognized by pers-by and Hanouna fans, Booba starts taking selfies and going live on social networks. The production begins filming. The Brazilian dancers start to dance and Booba intercepts the megaphone. “This demonstration is really something,” he quips before shouting “Baba!” Baba! Baba where are you? » The “Touche pas à mon poste” teams continue taking takes despite everything… On all floors of France Télé, employees gather at the windows. “The last time there was so much commotion on this square, it was during a fire alarm test,” jokes, by SMS, a face of the public service.

“He just hates having been exposed and he’s frustrated”

4:20 p.m., everyone understands that Hanouna will not come. Booba turns on his heels and decides to run. “It confirms what I thought. It’s just a bluff, nothing but wind! He’s the godfather of nothing at all! He just hates being exposed yesterday and he’s frustrated. Just propaganda, look! He doesn’t even respect his audience since they didn’t come. »

Booba took a series of selfies on the square in front of the France TV headquarters.
Booba took a series of selfies on the square in front of the France TV headquarters. LP/Olivier Lejeune

The hatred between Booba and Hanouna continues to grow from little sentence to little sentence. Today, Booba decided to raise the tone even further. “I came to see what he had in his stomach. And also because last time he made disguised threats to me. He told me that when I was in the same city as him, I just talked about him on Twitter. So I came there, to his appointment which he did not come. I came to face Baba… who is not there,” says Booba mockingly. A final provocation before disappearing behind the tram, proud of his successful provocation.

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