Cyril Hanouna and his columnists debrief the “Additional investigation”

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The investigative magazine on the C8 host achieved an audience record this Thursday, November 30. The day after its broadcast, the “godfather of the PAF” wanted to return to the report in detail.

Yesterday in the second part of the evening was broadcast on France 2 on “Additional investigation” on the new sponsor of the PAF. Cyril Hanouna had announced, even before the broadcast of the program and during his talk show Thursday, November 30 in the early evening, that the show “Touche pas à mon poste” the next day would be dedicated to a complete debrief.

The host didn’t lie. He and his team scrutinized, point by point, all the criticisms issued by the France Télévisions team. And if everyone has their own point of view on the relevance of the editing, the writing or even the choice of illustrations, everyone agrees that the content was botched.

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In this case, one of the sequences in the report is deeply disturbing. It is based on the testimony of a former columnist considered one of the “pillars of the show”. According to the latter, Cyril Hanouna would control the statements of some of his team and dictate predefined reactions to spice up the debate as with the example on the death penalty or to ensure a sort of protection like the parody of the presenter Arthur having greatly displeased the TF1 group.

“I am very angry”

“Honestly, this page is defamation. To say that we all have a roadmap written in advance, I’m sorry but that’s defamatory”protested Jacques Cardoze before adding: “I find it surreal because, in the world of journalism, everything is written in advance. At 7:30 p.m. the editor knows perfectly well what is in his newspaper. On the contrary, there is something very spontaneous here.”

It’s Lionel Stan’s turn to speak live on the “TPMP” set. In Virginie Vilar’s report, he is accused of having broken the secrecy of sources in the controversy surrounding the arrival of BRAV-M police officers on C8. “I received a judicial requisition so it was justice which forced me to give the identity of these 4 police officers. Diana (the director of the program, editor’s note) immediately warned all the police that we had received this requisition.”, explains the general director of H2O productions. According to him, this is the same information that he had shared with Virginie Vilar. “I am angry with this journalist, that she is recording me without my knowledge. […] I spoke about it with Tristan Waleckx this morning, he himself was surprised by this page.

Far from being offended by this media hype surrounding his person, Cyril Hanouna admits to being delighted to be at the origin of an audience record on a competing channel. Indeed, despite its late broadcast time, the show brought together more than 3 million of viewers or 32.9% audience share.

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