Cyril Hanouna is preparing an investigation into France Télévisions and “Additional investigation”

VIDEO – The France 2 investigative show continues to agitate the channels of Vincent Bolloré’s group.

“It’s like “Additional investigation”, but on “Additional investigation””. This is how Cyril Hanouna describes the new project that drives him, this Monday, September 11. Earlier in the day, the host spoke to Jean-Marc Morandini. “I’ll give you the scoop today. It’s that I prepare with Jacques Cardoze Additional investigation which we will broadcast on C8 in prime time. We are going to carry out an investigation into France Télévisions and ‘Additional investigation“, did he declare.

This evening in “PAF avec Baba”, the C8 troublemaker provided details on this announcement. “We will really do it and we will be impartial”, ures Cyril Hanouna before announcing a broadcast in January. He confirms once again that Jacques Cardoze will be at the presentation “with a team of journalists”. A snub to the France 2 investigative show since the latter presented it between 2018 and 2021. “From the Pine Tower, I’m going to put you on it too”says Cyril Hanouna, speaking to another of his new recruits. Pascale de La Tour du Pin hosts “PAF” every day, a media show and also officiates a few days a week in “Touche pas à mon poste”.

An additional offensive against France Télévisions?

In fact, a few minutes earlier, Sonia Mabrouk, a well-known face of CNews, was the guest. After having mentioned his sometimes heated exchanges with political figuresthe journalist returned to her altercation with Élise Lucet in “What a time”, last March. She then submitted the idea of ​​a “Cash Investigation” on France Télévisions. “The public service believes that it is devoid of any ideology, while for some they are soaked in ideology. They think they are the white doves of journalism while we are all modestly trying to do our job.”she declared this evening on C8.

Is this “additional investigation” an additional offensive against “additional investigation”? Since the announcement of an issue dedicated to the star presenter of C8, Cyril Hanouna has continued to attack the public service. “ThisFurther investigation, you will see, they will do it. This will be the end ofFurther investigation behind because I’m going to stick my nose in and you know that when I stick my nose somewhere, generally, I often blow everything up”, he had threatened on May 22. “It will be quiet for us. And if they want to come, we will invite them, we will invite the presenter”ures Cyril Hanouna this evening.

“Don’t touch my post” is not the only voice to speak out against “Complement d’investigation”. Indeed, since the broadcast of an issue dedicated to Puy du Fou, detractors of the show hosted by Tristan Waleckx follow one another on the sets, mainly on Cnews. A unique promo which allows the magazine to enter the Top 5 of the most viewed programs on the France Télévisions replay» Tristan Waleckx quipped this weekend on his social networks.

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