Cyril Hanouna parodies a speech by Emmanuel Macron to announce the return of “Touche pas à mon poste”

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VIDEO – The presenter of “TPMP” takes the opportunity to confirm the presence of some of his columnists on C8 at the start of the school year, such as Delphine Wespiser.

“It is an exclusive speech that launches this new season of TPMPI let you discover it»writes Cyril Hanouna in a post on his social networks this Thursday, August 31, which is accompanied by a video.

We discover the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron installed in his office, ready to give a speech. In the background, the usual French and European flags. If there was not at the top left of the screen the mention “this is a parody”we would believe it.

Delphine Wespiser’s return confirmed

“French, French, my dear compatriots, the return to school TPMPit’s September 4”begins the avatar of the Head of State with his artificial voice, but bluffing resemblance. “You will obviously find Raymond, the abominable man from Rungis, Kelly Vedovelli Delphine Wespiser, Guillaume Genton, Geraldine Maillet, the lesson giver, Valoch, Bénaïm what and Gilles Verdez, unfortunately», he continues. After taking leave to animate “Love Island“, this is the first time that the talk of C8 confirms the return of the one who was elected Miss France in 2012.

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The speech continues with the list of new recruits for this season of “Touche pas à mon poste”: “And imagine that with Cyril Hanouna, we thought about newcomers. Évelyne Thomas and Alex Goude for the TV expertise. Real journalists, not “guezmer” (merguez) with Pascale de La Tour du Pin And Jacques Cardoze . But also physical and sharp-minded people like Moundir Zoughari . There will also be Yann Moix and Éric Naulleau, the polemicists. They will take part in heated debates with certain guests in order to smash their faces.. However, no mention of Ségolène Royal. The former presidential candidate will, however, hold a political popularization column every Tuesday.

“Long live Darka”

The parody ends with the quote of the name of the emblematic host of “TPMP”: “And at the presentation, the man with the prominent calves, with the exemplary epidermis. I am of course talking about Cyril Hanouna”. “Long live France, long live the Republic and long live the Darka” will be the last words of this false President of the Republic.

“Don’t touch my post” will resume its place in the C8 grids this Monday, September 4. The talk will be preceded by “FAP“, a program devoted to the media hosted by Pascale de La Tour du Pin, which thus replaces “Le 6 à 7”.

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