Cyril Hanouna relays false information live on “zombie ”, Arcom seized

Cyril Hanouna in “PAF” Screenshot

The show “Touche pas à mon poste” has just started again and it is already at the heart of criticism.

Two videos that recently created a buzz“, said Cyril Hanouna in his show “Paf avec Baba” Tuesday September 12. And if it is true that they initially panicked the web, today it is the treatment given to them by the presenter and his team which has caused concern.

Broadcast then deleted by the Cerfia account via X, formerly Twitter – the videos showed according to the C8 host “several people behaving like zombies in the streets of Rouen, in the middle of France. According to the authors of the video, they would have consumed xylazine, a drug that makes you look like zombies.“, he added before his comments were supported by his columnists.

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“As they are short of money…”

We know that the drug (from the zombie) arrived on French territory», formally affirmed Valérie Benaïm, without citing a specific source. Same story on the side ofAlex Goudenewcomer to the talkshow, who added: “Especially, when you see them, which is very impressive. Do you think it’s Walking Dead” (a horror television series about zombies Editor’s note). Sometimes they are very calm and suddenly they get excited. I had some (in San Francisco) who went crazy, who hit you“.

And positions and other declarations continued to flow on the C8 set. This time, the columnist had the floor Kelly Vedovelli. “As they are in need of money and in need of food, they climb people’s balconies to go and feed at people’s homes and when people come back, they come face to face with these people and it’s really scary […] I saw it on the internet”, she said as if to protect her words. However, other information – much more reliable and verified – revealed a completely different truth… a few hours before the broadcast.

In the specific case of these images, the witnesses, local authorities and observatories contacted by us refute any observation of fentanyl and/or xylazine on the ground. »

Several other media, including CheckNews – the site specializing in fact-checking Liberation –established that this sequence was fake news. “In the specific case of these images, the witnesses, local authorities and observatories contacted by us refute any observation of fentanyl and/or xylazine on the ground.“, explained the media. The people, filmed without their knowledge, would also turn out to be under the influence of alcohol or people with disabilities.

There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that the zombie drug, which is wreaking havoc in the United States, has arrived in our streets”, recalled CheckNews and France 3 Normandie. The editor-in-chief of 76 news, based in Rouen, did not just write an article. “It doesn’t bother you Do not touch My TV ! and Cyril Hanouna to broadcast videos of disabled people without their consent, presenting them as drug addicts, while several articles denying this misinformation were published several hours before your broadcast », he shouted on X. Contacted by CheckNewsthe regulatory authority for audiovisual and digital communication has confirmed that it has been contacted. “We are going to instruct the sequence,” she clarified.

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