D – 500, and quite a job to finish!

D – 500, and quite a job to finish!

It is the law of its kind. Amélie Oudéa-Castéra knows this. If the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games (July 26-August 11 and August 28-September 8) are an organizational success, it will probably be given little credit.

But if the event were to experience a few hiccups, it is on her that all eyes will be focused, because the Minister of Sports is also that of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. And, as such, responsible for the“irreproachable organization” which, shortly after her appointment, in May 2022, she put forward as a pledge of “the success of the Games”.

“We have no room for error. This awareness, I have it every day., she assured, the 1er March, in front of the deputies. However, at five hundred days – Tuesday, March 14 – of the opening ceremony, it is still a sacred site that remains to be completed!

Infrastructure construction should certainly be on time: 89% of the works will have been delivered by the end of the year, according to the Olympic works delivery company (Solideo). If the effects of the war in Ukraine disrupted supplies in the spring of 2022, only the Arena at Porte de La Chapelle in Paris is three months behind schedulea priori without consequences for the Games.

On the other hand, the finalization of the budget of the Organizing Committee of the Games (4.38 billion euros) represents a more important concern: “Uncertainties remain on the expected revenue (…), and risks are identified in expenses”, noted the Court of Auditors in January. She must redo an inventory by the end of the first semester.

For site security, “all scenarios are on the table”

But it is security and transportation that remain the biggest challenges. The opening ceremony on the Seine crystallizes concerns. With 600,000 spectators planned on the 6 kilometers of banks (the figure could be reduced to 400,000), it constitutes a puzzle for surveillance and policing, that still needs to be finalized.

Just as the security of the various sites where the events will take place remains to be settled: how to mobilize 22,000 agents per day when the private security sector is facing a labor shortage ? “Maximum visibility” is promised by Paris 2024 “by the first semester”, following a second wave of calls for tenders. The organizers admit, however, that “all scenarios are on the table”. Translation: if private security cannot provide enough manpower, as has been anticipated for several months, it may be necessary to call on the army.

Ensuring the security of sites is one thing, accessing them will be another! While it will be necessary to transport 600,000 spectators and 200,000 accredited people every day, Emmanuel Macron had requested, at the end of September 2022, that the public establishment Ile-de-France Mobilités communicate a global transport plan ” in October “. This plan was finally unveiled earlier this week.

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Although we have known for some time now that we will have to do without some of the means promised for the Games (lines 15, 16 and 17, Charles-de-Gaulle Express), it remains to be ensured that the deadlines will be met for the extensions of the RER E (between porte Maillot and the Arena de Paris La Défense) and line 14 (towards Saint-Denis-Pleyel station). But also that there will be, more broadly, enough equipment (subways, buses) and staff. What is not yet acquired, so dysfunctional is the Ile-de-France system. However, the requirement is that 100% of spectators be able to reach the venues by public transport.

Every day new crossword puzzles, Sudoku and found words.


AJ – 500, it’s a countdown that starts, and it “is quite relentless”, as pointed out by M.me Oudea-Castera.

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