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Posted Apr 2, 2023, 5:18 PM

When a political moment breaks the sound barrier, you have to know how to make it last, a reflex of the Minister of the Interior. This Tuesday at the embly, Gérald Darmanin makes a remarkable anaphora on the theme of “what happened on the left to make us hate the police? “. Five days later, he gears up, announces the creation of an “anti-ZAD cell” and leaves heavy artillery “against the intellectual terrorism of the extreme left” (JDD and Europe 1-Les Echos-Cnews).

The formula launches one of these offended Sundays on the news channels and social networks. The man who cleaves knows what he is doing. He “protects the police”, he says, but he also protects Emmanuel Macron. He plays for him the party of order and almost makes you forget that not long ago the country was divided on the question of pensions. For or against disorder, and even for or against Darmanin, he managed to impose.

In doing so, he also speaks to the right-wing electorate. As the President ponders ways to enlarge its majority , he still believes that it is first with this part of the chessboard that it is possible to build something. He comes from it, he can “reach out his hand”.

Rivals for Matignon

In the very subtle game of applying for Matignon without being caught in the act of doing so, Gérald Darmanin praises the holder of the post, Elisabeth Borne, while giving the president two arguments likely to guide his choice. He suggests that he is better able to bring him a more solid majority; he is the good soldier ready to take the hits.

And too bad if in ping, he accuses his image traits and caricatures himself, at a time when the country will also need a figure of post-storm appeat. To be this, Gérald Darmanin relies on the economy. He wants to be social, attentive, in the footsteps of his model Philippe Séguin. But who sees it? He is for a better distribution of wealth, but who hears him? The politics of cleavage leaves little room for nuances.

On the other hand, it can leave some to the competition. This same Sunday, another minister made the “one” of the “Parisian”, who happens to be his best friend in life. Sébastien Lecornu, Minister of Defense, forgets to be silent. He comes out of the woods, in this same pre-reorganization climate that currently prevails , announces the construction of the aircraft carrier that will succeed the Charles de Gaulle. The subject speaks to the right, Elisabeth Borne is spared. True friends have common intuitions. Is it still a chance?

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