David Gautier (Asvel): “It will be a match 3 in the mind”

David Gautier, coach of Asvel, victorious over Villeneuve d’Ascq in the women’s league second leg final (85-72) “We took the right path. Especially in the defensive mindset. We showed that we were going to be there in defense, it gave rhythm in attack. We know it’s never easy, it’s a big team opposite, with physical intensity. We only won one match, we regained the home advantage we had lost. You should take advantage. It’s going to be a big fight against a great team on Monday night. It will be a match three mentally. I expect to suffer. »

Caroline Hériaud, leader and captain of Villeneuve d’Ascq “We expected it, we talked about it, that Asvel would like to react immediately. We hold them in a quarter, it’s not much to play for, we make too many defensive errors in the second quarter, we give them too much freedom. We lost the game in the second quarter. A final is played on details, a lot of big details. There are positives, there is one game left. We know we missed open shots, they put them. Defensively, you can’t let this team shoot three as they want. I think we may have played with the fear of winning, we have to realize that we deserve to be there, we finished second in the Championship. It is up to us to ume this status. »

“Away, going up fifteen or even twenty points is a bit complicated…”

Rachid Meziane, coach of Villeneuve d’Ascq

Rachid Meziane, coach of Villeneuve d’Ascq “We missed being ourselves. I feared the start, it was not so bad. I did not expect us to take on water in the second quarter. Outside, going up fifteen or even twenty points is a bit complicated. We lack discipline, we are behind on situations. Everyone wanted to take the lead, the others were spectators, wait-and-sees. Having won match 1 allows you to still be alive and have match 3 to play. »

Sandrine Gruda, interior of Asvel “I think we came back focused, with a determination, to execute the game plan, it’s interesting. Everyone was really involved, both the girls on the field and those on the bench. It is also a form of victory for us. We lost Game 1 because we let it go. We will have to approach game three in the same way. »

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