David Hallyday reacts to the release of Johnny Hallyday’s latest release

VIDEO – On Laurent Delahousse’s set on Sunday evening, the musician reacted for the first time to his father’s last posthumous piece unveiled by Warner Music France on November 17.

A shoutunreleased Johnny Hallyday title signed Maxim Nucci (Yodelice) in 2017, was unveiled to the public on November 17. Guest on “8:30 p.m. on Sunday” two days later, David Hallyday, who is releasing an autobiography, was questioned by Laurent Delahousse on the subject. “I did not know», immediately expresses the son of the rocker who died six years ago. “But it’s good, we have to get things out», he tempers.

When asked by the journalist whether other unreleased releases are in the closets, the musician replies: “I don’t know, you have to ask those interested, I wasn’t the one who released that one», He specifies, targeting Laeticia Hallyday who takes care of the posthumous artistic career of Johnny Hallyday. “But it’s good to perpetuatehe wishes to emphasize. He has such an incredible career, I think it’s good to release things. And then I say one thing, it’s as long as it pleases his fans, the people who have followed him since the beginning, I think it’s great»; he continues. A second new track will be revealed on December 1st to mark the release of the album. Johnny Hallyday Symphonic.

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A few minutes earlier, in his Sunday show, Laurent Delahouse had tried to discuss the affair of the Hallyday inheritance covered by newspapers and tabloids for several years. “In this book, no big unpacking, no settling of scores», summarizes the presenter before quoting lines from Meilleur album (published by Cherche midi). ““Clearly, we saw the emergence of a voyeurism that I will not forget, that I will not forgive and never cry with the wolves, always escape from it”: Is that the lesson of this book?», questions the journalist, his interlocutor who confirms. Visibly uncomfortable, the artist searches for words and stammers. “In life, you have to move forward. Things happen to everyone. So, I… There is a question of modesty too. I’m not going to gloss over words and family issues“. And to add: “It’s not the way I was raised by my mother and my family, at home we move forward and we look straight. In the family, we are all creative», concludes the son of Sylvie Vartan.

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