Death of Martin Amis, British novelist author of “The Zone of Interest”

The adaptation of his novel, “The Zone of Interest”, was presented in Cannes at the same time. British novelist Martin Amis died Friday at his Florida residence aged 73, the New York Times and the Guardian. The author of ‘Money, Money’ (1984) and ‘London Fields’ has died of esophageal cancer.

Born in 1949 in Wales, Martin Amis redefined British fiction literature of the 80s and 90s with his dark and biting style. “He was one of the most acclaimed and commented authors of the past 50 years,” said the Booker Prize winner.

An adaptation of his novel in Cannes

Martin Amis notably wrote a book on the tragedy of September 11, entitled “The Second Plane”, bringing together articles, short stories and essays. The Briton, who has written about ten novels, was twice nominated for the Booker Prize in 1991 for “The Arrow of Time” and in 2003 for “Yellow Dog”. In 2008, the Times named him one of the fifty greatest British writers since 1945.

His death occurred on the day of the presentation in Cannes of a film inspired by his book “The Zone of Interest” (2014), which bears the same name and was directed by Jonathan Glazer. Set in Auschwitz, the novel tells the story of a Nazi officer who fell in love with the wife of the commandant of the extermination camp. The “area of ​​interest” was the term used by the Nazis to describe the 40 square kilometer area surrounding the Auschwitz concentration camp.

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