Death of Robert Blake, actor of “In cold blood” and acquitted of the murder of his wife

Death of Robert Blake, actor of “In cold blood” and acquitted of the murder of his wife

He was known for his film roles in the 1970s. But also for the sordid murder of his second wife, of which he was acquitted. American actor Robert Blake died Thursday at the age of 89. In a statement, his relatives explain that the actor died of heart disease at his home in Los Angeles.

Robert Blake is known for his role in “In Cold Blood”, the adaptation of a novel by Truman Capote in 1967. He will play Inspector Tony Baretta in the 1970s in the eponymous television series. A child star, the actor has played many roles during his career, notably in “Money Train” in 1995. He won an Emmy Award in 1975 and a Golden Globe in 1976. “Lost Highway” by David Lynch, in 1997, will be his last film.

Four years later, it is in the miscellaneous news section that Robert Blake is once again talking about him. In 2001, his second wife, Bonny Lee Bakley, was shot in the head in her car when she had just dined at a restaurant with her husband. Robert Blake will say that the shooting took place when he briefly returned to the restaurant.

Ordered to pay millions to the family

Arrested and prosecuted for murder in 2002, the actor cries out his innocence and pleads not guilty. The personality of the victim, a 44-year-old woman, who would have been married several times and lived on scams, plays in her favor. But the testimony of a former stuntman convinces the investigators: Robert Blake would have tried to recruit him to execute Bonny Lee Bakley, relates CNN.

Finally acquitted in criminal proceedings, the actor is still sentenced in civil proceedings to pay 30 million dollars to the family of the victim. A sum that will increase to 15 million on appeal a few years later.

“He was a complicated man, comments Gerry Schwartzbach, his lawyer, with CNN. “We literally spent every day together for over a year when I was living in Los Angeles on his business. We had a close bond. His death makes me sad but I am happy that he is no longer in pain”.

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