Death of Thomas: Darmanin calls on the police, gendarmerie and prefects to prevent the violent actions of the ultra-right

It front of violent gatherings organized by the ultra-right this weekend in Romans-sur-Isère (Drôme), Gérald Darmanin is calling for firmness. The Minister of the Interior called on prefects and police and gendarmerie officials to mobilize to prevent any gatherings that could lead to violent actions, particularly by ultra-right groups.

After death of young Thomas, killed with a knife during a village festival in Crépoldozens of activists marched in the Monnaie district, chanting racist slogans. The minister’s telegram was immediately broadcast on Monday. “These actions, which aim to add disorder, violence and division to our society,” writes the Minister of the Interior, “must not distract us from our resolute action against delinquents and these wild individuals who must be the object of determined repression.

“In this context,” continues Gérald Darmanin, “which both ultra-right and ultra-left groups are using to disturb public order, it is essential that all services (…) remain fully mobilized in order to prevent any gatherings or undeclared demonstration aimed at carrying out violent actions against people and property.” He asks them for “systematic firmness in order to carry out arrests as soon as a disorder arises”.

Saturday evening, around a hundred ultra-right activists from different cities across the country marched hooded through the streets of Romans with the aim of “fighting” with the young people of the La Monnaie district, where several of the victims came from. involved in the Crépol drama. They were blocked by the police, with whom they clashed for a long time.

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