Death of Tina Turner: fans pay her a last tribute in front of her Swiss home

“Someone like her should live forever,” says a fan of Tina Turner by laying flowers in front of the residence of the “Queen of Rock” in this very wealthy town not far from Zurich. “Your voice has faded but it is still in my heart,” says Barbara Burkhalter.

She is part of the constant stream of admirers who come to meditate in front of the gates of Algonquin Castle, the sumptuous residence in Küsnacht where the artist, who lived there for almost three decades, died Wednesday at age 83.

Tina Turner’s death has drawn tributes from presidents and other rock icons around the world, as well as from her neighbors in this suburb of Switzerland’s financial capital, sitting on the shores of Lake Zurich, known as the evocative name of the “Côte d’or”.

Many bouquets were placed in front of Tina Turner's home.  REUTERS/Denis Balibouse
Many bouquets were placed in front of Tina Turner’s home. REUTERS/Denis Balibouse

“I brought flowers and a small card. I really had to come, ”says the 69-year-old lady. “On Tuesday I saw that the garden was not lit, which is very unusual. It was completely dark,” she said. “She was my favorite of all the ladies. I live only four minutes from here. I saw her several times when she was shopping. We loved that she was there but we would never have bothered her. »

Large bouquets and candles

Discretion and respect for the private sphere which has attracted more than one star to Switzerland, as well as an attractive tax system. Large bouquets or a simple rose were placed at the gates of the castle, as well as dozens of candles, cards and handwritten messages. All in tribute to the American-born superstar.

A woman wearing a baseball cap lights a candle and leaves a message: “Thank you Tina for your music, your voice, your smile, your inspiration, your dance moves, your enthusiasm. Your neighborhood. Rest in power”.

The admirer takes up the “Rest in power”, the expression of mourning for those whose life has been marked by injustice or discrimination. Besides her music and showmanship, Tina Turner’s fight to overcome domestic violence has touched many women around the world.

“I really admire what she symbolized in the face of domestic violence: the way she flourished without hatred,” says Guia Greaves, another admirer, who recalls the memory of a kind person, good neighbor, discreet and unpretentious. “We now have the treasure of his music and we must continue to listen to it,” she insists.

“A Beautiful Soul”

Tina Turner moved to Switzerland in 1995 with her longtime German partner, producer and actor Erwin Bach, 67. Some left flowers in his name.

The gardens surrounding the magnificent mansion are surrounded by immaculately maintained hedges and enormous bushes colored in shades of pink and blue. The three-storey white house is shielded from the gaze of strangers by towering trees.

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“His music became a part of my teenage life and made me think about what we do with this life,” said 29-year-old Bryan Mackie. “My girlfriend is even bigger fan than me. She’s so sad, I brought these flowers for her. »

A man knelt down and threw three kisses towards the castle, a woman said prayers in Italian and another, who had already come last night, was in tears outside the entrance. Andrea Brunetti, 47, an Italian computer scientist who lives in Lucerne about sixty kilometers away, left a rose with a heart.

“She is the most beautiful woman of the last 200 years. It really is a treasure. She’s more than an artist: she’s a beautiful soul, ”he says. “She always gave 110% until the end. Some people will never die. Thank you Tina, for all you gave to people. »

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