Decision to ride free of charge on public buses in Ankara

It was reported that all free boarding pes will be valid on public buses in Ankara until a solution is found to the discussions regarding free boarding pes.


Decision to ride free of charge on public buses in Ankara

Kurtuluş Kara, Chairman of the Union of All Private Public Buses Cooperatives (TÖHOB), held a press conference regarding the developments between TÖHOB and EGO regarding the decision not to transport free boarding p holders, which covers 22 groups other than the relatives of martyrs and veterans and members of the press.


Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş said at the CHP Ankara Provincial Congress, “If necessary, we, as the Municipality, will purchase the vehicles.” Stating that he said, Kara said that if the tradesmen and the municipality reach an agreement, they may consider transferring their vehicles.


Kara also stated the following regarding the process reached today:

“We saw that our vehicles started to go to EGO Headquarters Park. Discussions between our citizens and our staff grew. We said let’s continue working until a solution is found, our citizens of Ankara should not be victimized, our elders, the unpaid, our citizens, our 65-year-olds should not be victimized. Today, all freebies are valid as in the old order.”


Kara stated that they wanted Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yavaş and the 4 Group Deputy Mayors in the Municipal Council to come together to discuss other solution alternatives other than selling the vehicles to the municipality.

“We believe that this issue will be resolved by October 1. “We cannot victimize our citizens either.” Kara stated that they will not close the contact after October 1.

Kara said, “If we transfer the vehicles to Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, we will ask our Mayor to provide priority employment rights to our employees and owners. “We will visit our Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor and the provincial heads of our 4 political parties this week, and we will give good news to the people of Ankara.” he said.


Ercan Soydaş, President of Ankara Private Public Buses Chamber of Tradesmen, apologized to the citizens regarding the recent transportation-related events in Ankara and said:

*This sector is experiencing a crisis due to increasing costs and the epidemic. There is an article in the Municipalities Law that says ‘Municipalities can make income support payments for pengers who benefit from free and discounted transportation’.

*The Metropolitan Municipality had been continuing this support for 3 years. The fare tariff adopted by UKOME decision is the same for private public buses as it is for EGO General Directorate vehicles. Therefore, everyone who is aware of public transportation knows that this business will not return at those numbers.

*Because private sector vehicles cover their expenses only with travel revenues and they have survived until now with this support.


Soydaş stated that they conveyed their demands and solution suggestions and said, “We also believe that a solution will be produced. Because not only Ankara but also Türkiye in general is in trouble. Hopefully, this problem will be solved both on the municipality side and on the government side. A formula will be produced that will make our tradesmen, citizens and municipalities happy. “We also took our 21 vehicles that were parked in the park, all vehicles are currently active.” he said. (AA)

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