“Decivilization”: Marine Le Pen believes that Emmanuel Macron “once again gives him reason”

Emmanuel Macron would he have walked on the flowerbeds of Marine Le Pen? The president of the RN group in the National embly reacted this Thursday morning on CNews to remarks by the Head of State stated the day before in the Council of Ministers: “We must be intractable on the merits. No violence is legitimate, whether verbal or against people. We must work in depth to counter this process of decivilization”. This statement comes after acts of violencein particular committed against public officials.

Thesis of “the savagery of society”

“Emmanuel Macron has once again proven us right,” claimed Marine Le Pen. And to underline at the microphone of Laurence Ferrari: “I have been talking about wildness for years and I am being accused of all the evils. »

This term, originally derived from sociology research, has been used recently by the right and is the title of a book by the far-right theorist Renaud Camus, cantor of the “great replacement”. The thesis of “the savagery of society” was also taken up by other figures of the political cl, including the Minister of the Interior, Gerald Darmanin, to explain crime in France. Marine Le Pen also denounced “the demoralization” of the police.

Marine Le Pen: “The police are morally disarmed. The consideration on the part of the State is no longer there […] We must tackle the laxity of justice, this is what drives the police crazy” #TheMorning pic.twitter.com/weWmmDHtLI

— CNEWS (@CNEWS) May 25, 2023

Asked about the tribute that will be paid to the three young police officers killed in an accident caused by a heavily alcoholic and drugged driver, the former presidential candidate ured that the police have “a feeling of not having been supported”, in particular on the question of “police violence”. “We can give them material, if we disarm them morally, we do not solve the problem,” she added.

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