defenders of the French language take the state to court to rename the label

The association Francophonie Avenir (Afrav) brandishes the Toubon law of 1994, which provides that the French language must be used as the language of education, work, exchanges and public services.

The defenders of the French language want to have the skin of the “French Tech”. The Francophonie Avenir association (Afrav) has sued the State before the Paris administrative court for this official label bringing together young French technology companies to be renamed and find a translation in the language of Molière.

In the crosshairs are also the " French Tech " : the label " Next 40 ", awarded to promising young shoots, the name of the summit " Choose France », which brings together leaders of large national and foreign companies every year, the « Health Data Hub », the French health data platform, but also the «French Impact», the innovation accelerator of the Ministry of Ecological Transition.

As a legal weapon against the hegemony of English, this small association of 80 members and led by a retiree, brandishes the Toubon law of 1994. The latter provides that the French language must be used as the language of education. , labor, trade and public services. “Legal persons governed by public law and private persons entrusted with a public service mission must use official terminology”, specify the text.

In the past, the association has already won several lawsuits, in particular against the University of Paris Sciences and Letters of the Sorbonne, which displayed its logo "PSL Research University" in English.

So, will we have the right tomorrow to a new label? French technology " and " Next 40 »? It's hard to know if this would catch the eye of foreign investors...

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