Delbouis as a blaster, Seuteni invisible

TOPS / FLOPS – Improved victory for Stade Français against La Rochelle, for the 12th day of Top 14 (27-14). Find the Tops and Flops of the editorial staff.


Julien Delbouis sounds the charge

The detonator! While his team was back to the wall in the first half, the young Parisian center was illustrated by two breakthroughs which set fire to the La Rochelle defense and woke up Jean-Bouin. The first allowed Joris Segonds to pass three easy points, while the second resulted in the test of Sekou Macalou (35th). Two flashes that completely revived the Stade Français, winner of La Rochelle this Saturday (27-14).

Sekou Macalou size pattern

The third-line wing confirms that he is a Stade Français taulier by being both decisive and precious in the game. In the first half, he took advantage of a caviar from Joris Segonds to score a try (35e) which allowed his people to pass in front. In second, he believed to offer himself a double before being finally sanctioned for a stroller in the back of Brice Dulin. Replaced at the 66th after having given everything!

Brice Dulin solid

The back of Stade Rochelais delivered a consistent performance, shining from the first minute of play with a low kick that resulted in Martin Alonso’s try. His experience and skill in the air were then invaluable, for example when he saved his team several tens of meters by recovering a candle he had hit himself (27th).


Ulupano Seuteni in trouble

The former Bordeaux was the symbol of La Rochelle’s impotence in attack. He who is usually twirling had nothing to put in his mouth offensively. He was also guilty of a dangerous forward near his in-goal under a candle (58e). His teammate in the center Levani Botia did not do better. The Fijian made several mistakes and approximations, as evidenced by this rude forward on the hour mark (63e).

Stéphane Ahmed guilty

The Parisian started the game very badly since it was he who had the ball snatched away on Martin Alonso’s try (2e). He then stood out with a few quality defensive interventions but was on the other hand invisible on the offensive level. Replaced shortly after the break by Léo Barré who was immediately much more incisive.

Jean-Bouin cursed for the Maritimes

The lawn of the Stade Français is cursed for the Maritimes, who have won there only once in their last ten trips. However, they had a good part of the public behind them, and seemed to have the game in hand after half an hour of play. Unfortunately, they remained silent for a large part of the meeting and once again left the Capital empty-handed.

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