Delights of family farming in Largo Glênio Peres

A renowned event at Expointer, the Family Agriculture Fair is at Largo Glênio Peres, in the center of Porto Alegre, throughout the week. Since Monday morning (6), there was a great demand for what used to be called colonial products. The mix meets all tastes in quality and quantity. Searching the stalls, you will find homemade biscuits, smoked sausages, honeys, cheeses, hot peppers and other incendiaries, juices and jellies and even some wool crafts. It is worth it. Restock your pantry for a while.

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Tuesday’s story

It has come out that the old Líder bar, which operated from 1952 to 2010, will return as a restaurant in the property that was occupied by Champanharia Ovelha Negra, on Rua Duque de Caxias, corner of Gen. Bento Martins. This is a new point for the traditional Porto Alegre establishment more than 30 years later, as Bar Líder, opened in 1952, operated on the corner of Avenida Independência and Barros Cal, and closed in the 1990s.

His strong suit was the onion fillet and pork loin with mayonnaise salad, accompanied by an extra-strong homemade mustard without preservatives. The original owners ped away and their brother appeared, the popular Sarrafo, then another owner came along. In the kitchen, a tall and strong black man, always wearing a white cap (originally…) like a sailor, who I nicknamed Adamastor.

Wanted and found I

The Federation of Used Vehicle Dealers (Fenauto) projects an increase in sales that could reach 15 million pre-owned and used vehicles sold by the end of 2023 in Brazil. It would represent an increase of 12.7% over the almost 13.3 million units sold last year.

Wanted and found II

The 10 most advertised and most sought after models up to R$50,000 in the third quarter (in descending order) were Volkswagen Gol, Fiat Palio, Fiat Uno, Ford Fiesta, Honda Civic, Chevrolet Celta, Volkswagen Fox, Honda Fit, Ford Ka and Renault Sandero. Read more at

It’s funny…

As soon as the devastation of the flood in the Taquari Valley reached the deaf people of Brasília, the promised budget was R$ 710 million. Now R$75 million has arrived, Selic rate plus 6%. There’s not even free flooding here.

Things change

At the beginning of the card era, it was difficult to find anyone who would accept them; Today, for those who want to pay in cash, it is difficult to have change.

That hug

To the people of Ubiretama and its mayor Rodrigo Daniel Bloch. On July 24, 1909, it began as Povoado Laranjeira. At the time, it had 205 inhabitants and 34 residences. In the Tupi language, “Ubiretama” means “Homeland”. It was dismembered from Giruá.


Serasa SAYS: 40% of Brazilians have already been victims of financial fraud. Creed!

Porto Alegre Commercial OCIATION intends to plant 156 trees in the squares, one for each year of the entity.

COMPANIES created in 2023 were 1.4 million; in the same period of 2022, there were 1.8 million companies.

ROTARY and Feevale hold a Happiness Workshop, on November 11th, at Feevale Novo Hamburgo.

DANIELA Mercury already had more fans in the Capital. Her show at Araújo Vianna had a limited audience.

NOT all of showbiz’s ancient sacred monsters are magnetized.

TOP TOP of the newspaper headline Em Question about the flood in Alegrete: BAH! He delivered the message very well.

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