Demand for bail insurance is growing in Rio Grande do Sul

The STF’s decision, in 2022, which consolidated the thesis that the seizure of family property that belongs to a guarantor of a lease contract, whether residential or commercial, is constitutional, gave a boost to the rental guarantee insurance market. In Brazil, and in Rio Grande do Sul in particular, more and more tenants are turning to it as a guarantee of rent.

If the guarantor is an endangered species in the country, among Gauchos one of the most sought after alternatives is rental guarantee insurance. According to data from the Private Insurance Superintendence, the local market raised R$29 million from January to July 2023, representing a growth of 19.3% compared to the same period last year. Proportionally, the expansion exceeds the national average, which was 12%, with revenue of R$781 million. Rio Grande do Sul currently accounts for 33.5% of the market in the South.

The vice-president of the credit risk commission of the National Federation of General Insurance, Átila Santos, said that given the current scenario, rental guarantee has become the safest solution. “On the one hand, the insurance market adapted well to Susep’s rule, issuing policies for the entire contract period, developing the monthly payment, like a streaming subscription, without weighing on the tenant’s pocket”, she stated.

With the entry into the rental guarantee insurance market, the tenant now has protection that replaces the figure of the guarantor or the need to use a bank guarantee, guaranteeing payment to the property owner, in case of losses suffered as a result. of the tenant’s contractual obligations in the property rental contract.

Basic coverage guarantees compensation to the owner for losses suffered due to the tenant’s default, or, if applicable, late payment fines. This insurance also offers additional coverage, such as guaranteeing reimburt for non-payment (by the tenant) of legal charges, such as IPTU, condominium fees, water, electricity and piped gas.

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