demonstration of “TPMP” fans in front of France Télévisions, Booba intrudes

Cyril Hanouna, the France Télévisions premises in the 15th arrondist of Paris and Booba. Screenshot / Poitout Florian/ABACA

The day after the broadcast of the investigative magazine dedicated to Cyril Hanouna, a few aficionados of the host gathered in front of the premises of the public service group for an “exceptional happening”.

“Come and witness a memorable sequence with Cyril Hanouna and his entire team.” Following the broadcast of the “Additional investigation” reserved for the host of C8, the latter does not seem ready to stop there. An investigative program on journalists from France Télévisions, entitled “Additional investigation” and piloted by C8 and more precisely the former presenter Jacques Cardoze should see the light of day within a few weeks.

But meanwhile, Cyril Hanouna intend to strike while the iron is still hot. He announced in “Touche pas à mon poste!” of Thursday, November 30 that he would react at length to this investigation carried out on his person in the program the next day. And this promises to be unprecedented.

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“An exceptional happening”

The We Clap agency, in charge of ticketing to attend shows, shared a special announcement this Friday, December 1, inviting all those who would like to participate in a filming today in the 15th arrondist of the capital for a “special sequence”. And the location was not chosen at random. The meeting point is actually the France Télévisions square located at 7 Esplanade Henri de France in Paris. The press release announces “an exceptional happening with the presence of Cyril Hanouna”. There are a few dozen of them taking part in the meeting as evidenced by the photos shared on X.

However, the one who was presented as the “new godfather of the PAF” seems absent to subscribers. Unlike his rival Booba. If the previous evening, the latter testified against Hanouna in Florida in front of Tristan Waleckx, today he appears masked with a hood in front of the premises of the public service group. “You’re such a coward, you didn’t come to your own event. What a lack of respect for your 40 fans!”the rapper said on X. “It looks like a soup kitchen”, launched Booba in front of the few people present. Only a few “Baba” and “TPMP” signs are displayed by the fans and a slogan “Baba we are here” echoes across the esplanade.

A crowd which does not seem to panic the managers of France Télévisions. “As for his support event, we hope they won’t catch a cold! There are more cameras than participants”, laughed the group’s general secretary Christophe Tardieu. He also took the opportunity to thank the troublemaker of the PAF “for the very good audiences yesterday (connection record on France TV)”. Despite its late broadcast time, the show brought together more than 3 million of viewers or 32.9% audience share.

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