Denmark and Tunisia neutralize each other in the France group

Opponents of the Blues in Group C, the Danish Dynamites did not managed a backfiring entry – the fault of their opponent. Opposed to Tunisia, Tuesday, November 22, Denmark conceded a draw for their entry into the running in the 2022 World Cup (0-0).

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The semi-finalists of the last Euro came up against a catchy team, supported by a public very largely won over to their cause. From downtown Doha to the spans of the Education City stadium, to Al-Rayyan in the inner suburbs, via the brand new metro in the Qatari capital, the many supporters of the Eagles of Carthage have transformed the city into a suburb of Tunis. .

Like the Saudi Arabia supporters a few hours earlier in Lusail during the surprise victory of theirs against the Argentinian favorites (2-1), the Tunisian cohort fully succeeded in entering the first Arab World Cup. If they left the ball to the Danes, whose game pattern has not changed for several years, the Carthage Eagles have spread their wings in the wake of Issam Jebali. Untenable, the striker from Odense, Denmark, multiplied the opportunities, even scoring a goal, finally offside, in the first period.

“Now we will focus on football”

Established in place of Martin Braithwaite, the young Danish striker Andreas Skov Olsen also scored a goal, logically disallowed for an offside position, after returning from the locker room. More enterprising in the second half, the teammates of returning Christian Eriksen – he had suffered a heart attack on the pitch during a Euro 2021 match – tried to deceive the vigilance of goalkeeper Aymen Dahmed until the last minute. But the Tunisian goalkeeper kept good guard until the end of additional time.

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“Now we will focus on football”, had launched coach Kasper Hjulmand before his team took off for Qatar. If they have spearheaded the protest against the International Football Federation (FIFA) to be able to express their convictions on human rights – however failing to validate their training clothes struck by the message “Human rights for all” –the Danes landed in Qatar without hiding their sporting ambitions.

“We have big goals, big dreams for this World Cupassured the captain, Simon Kjaer, Tuesday in The Team. Of course, there are better nations, with better individuals, but I doubt that there are better teams than ours in terms of collective and state of mind. »

World of uncertainty

Like his fellow captains of the six other European teams who demanded to wear the “One love” armband against discrimination, Simon Kjaer complied with the decision of the International Football Federation (FIFA) on Monday. Cornerstone of the Danish central defense, the AC Milan player could not take the risk of a yellow card from the start. As Dutch captain Virgil Van Dijk had explained the day before, refuting having ” lack of courage ” against FIFA: “I’m in a position where getting a yellow card is risky. »

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Questioned by the Danish press, the former Danish Prime Minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, who now represents the national football federation (DBU), said on Tuesday that FIFA would have threatened to suspend Simon Kjaer a match if the latter braved the prohibition. The regulatory “No discrimination” armband pinned to the biceps, the Danish captain seemed however to have concealed a second one below – the famous “One love”?

The Danish captain, Simon Kjaer, during Denmark-Tunisia, Tuesday November 22 in Al-Rayyan.

In this World of uncertainty, the result of this Denmark-Tunisia adds to the indecision. In view of the performance delivered by the two teams on Tuesday, the coach of the France team, Didier Deschamps, must have said to himself that his flock will have a lot to do to get out of this group. And the Blues, opponents of the Tunisians in the third match of their group, will certainly evolve in a stadium acquired from their opponents.

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