“Deputies of the presidential majority, we must show the country that our reformist and progressive will is intact”

Dhe result of the June polls gave rise to hope: that of finding a strong Parliament, whose elected officials, in good spirits with a government obliged to come to terms with them, can transcend their political ideals, without denying them, to serve only the general interest and reach effective consensus for all of our fellow citizens.

The reality of what we have been experiencing for a few months is unfortunately quite different since the clan reflexes remain well anchored in the software of the old parties.

If the deputies of the presidential majority are capable of integrating self-transcendence – most have already demonstrated this by joining this majority – the Republican oppositions seem frozen in their historical model. While Les Républicains, still groggy with their score in the presidential election, are petrified because of deep divisions over the choice of their future leader, the Republican left is stuck in this deadly alliance with La France insoumise, in which it does not finds no place, to the rhythm of snakes swallowed one after the other. I’m not even talking about the extremes, whose only goal is to bring down the government, going so far as to build unlikely alliances…

In a defensive posture

Result: despite all the efforts made by the Prime Minister, whose courage and self-sacrifice I would like to salute, those who dreamed of a powerful and responsible Parliament, finally playing the central role that it should always have had, find themselves watching the balls pass while waiting for a 49.3 or a dissolution.

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We are in a defensive posture, almost wait-and-see, in the face of opposition, unable to regain control, even though the French – and the very weak social mobilizations in October have shown this – still trust us to advance the country.

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We must react! We must return to battle with the spirit of 2017, even if it means dying standing, arms in hand! We must show the country that our reformist and progressive will is intact. We must show the country that we are still pursuing this ideal of economic liberation accompanied by a strong demand for social justice. We must put our Republican oppositions face to face with their responsibilities by taking the country to witness: “This is where we want to go, follow us!” »

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Let’s not be satisfied with a parametric reform on pensions and put back on the table pension by points, the only way to meet the need for social justice of our compatriots. Finally, let’s organize this major salary and social conference which will make it possible to envisage an effective and reasoned increase in salaries. Let’s build a great law for accelerating the production of renewable energies, of all renewable energies and not just wind power or photovoltaics. Let us propose a fair law on immigration, without compromise, which will reflect both the pride of our country in being the one to which the oppressed of this world turn, but also its firmness vis-à-vis those who have no nothing to do there.

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