Der Zakarian sees “a lot of positives” after the draw against Nice, “a difficult team to play”

The Hérault coach takes stock after the draw against Nice this Friday, at La Mosson, at the opening of the 12th round.

Michel Der Zakarian (Montpellier coach, held to a 0-0 draw at home by Nice ): “I have no regrets. We had a good tactical match, we defended very well. We tried to attack well. Akor Adams is a little unhappy, because he puts in a good shot. She is an outgoing post… There are a lot of positives in this match. We played the match we needed, but he lacked a bit of success to win. Nice didn’t put us in any big trouble, because we defended well. We were very disciplined. The players responded. They played a great match in front of a great team.

It’s a shame that we didn’t have enough success to win this match. Nice wants to suck us in to pick up speed. They’re a tough team to play against. She is also formidable on set pieces. To win against them, you have to be good tactically, defend intelligently. In front of the big teams, you have to be on time on the pitch. We were.»

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