Deschamps, before the match of the Blues against Austria: "The sporting goal is my domain"

“How did you position yourself in the fight between Kylian Mbappé and the players to control their marketing image?
There have always been exchanges, discussions to reach agreements, where the interests of each other are taken into account. In my position, I am there to ensure that the players and the institution find common ground, but also the partners, who are essential to the proper functioning. Everyone should be satisfied.

“All the choices are difficult, on the sporting and human levels”

Are you going to field a three-man or four-man defense?
I left with an idea, we have injuries, but that's not what I can change. The approach is always the same: put the players in the best position. If you look at Austria, of the four matches in June, they changed their system three times in the middle of a match.

Considering all the business, is it difficult to be responsible in top-level football?
I have my responsibility, of course. With my staff, we had been at Clairefontaine since Sunday, the players arrived on Monday, and the camp started in a serious and good mood. The match will be the moment of truth. Afterwards, the atmosphere is what it is and I focus on what is happening internally. I am cut off from the outside world. And I have a lot to do, as usual, even if this has been accentuated by all the changes. Then I adapt, but I focus on the sporting objective, that's my field.

Can you do everything at once this week, avoid the descent to League B and prepare for the World Cup?
The idea, always the same, is the search for performance, through the content and the result. The 23 players are there, I chose them and I trust them. If this objective is achieved, the second will also be achieved. These are the last two matches before the World Cup, the situation today will not be the same in two months: all coaches want all players to be available and in full possession of their means. All the choices are difficult, on the sporting and human levels. Not selecting someone for a World Cup is hard. But there's no point in projecting yourself today.

Mike Maignan will have playing time. How do you see his development?
He performs well at club level, as does Hugo, who is our captain, with Tottenham. Mike has club experience, he was often with us, but less often on the pitch. This will give him experience. I am lucky to have two very efficient goalkeepers. »

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