Description of ‘City Hospital’ from CHP’s Şahin

Description of ‘City Hospital’ from CHP’s Şahin

CHP Balıkesir Deputy Fikret Şahin, in the memorandum of the six-table, “We will close the city hospitals.” He stated that there is no such statement, that the opened hospitals will continue to serve.

Description of 'City Hospital' from CHP's Şahin

Şahin, at the press conference he held in the Assembly, said that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan stated that the promise of “closing city hospitals” was included in the memorandum of the six-table table at the Group Meeting.

Stating that the statement that city hospitals will be closed is not true, Şahin said, “Our common text is ‘We will close city hospitals.’ There is no such phrase. Of course, the hospitals that have been opened will continue to serve.” he said.

Arguing that city hospitals are the biggest black hole and corruption in the history of the Republic, Şahin said, “Because they are companies that we have had to transfer our nation’s resources to foreign, affiliate companies at the rate of inflation in the US and Europe on a foreign currency basis for 25 years. City hospitals have huge public losses. We have repeatedly stated that the costs of these projects are very high. There is no one who says that we will stop the corruption of the AK Party over city hospitals, ‘we will close city hospitals’.” said.

CHP Army Deputy Mustafa Adıgüzel also stated at the press conference that the Turkish Grain Board (TMO) caused a decrease in market prices with the hazelnut prices announced.

Stating that the price policy pursued by TMO is a move to curb the rapidly increasing hazelnut prices, Adıgüzel said, “The state agency is subcontracting to a foreign cartel. While the hazelnut price was 62 in Ordu yesterday, it decreased to 55 liras with the announced TMO figures. While a few good men fight for the country and for farming, a team of thieves and a gang continue to undermine the values ​​of the country and the hazelnut producer. I say sorry.” said. (AA)

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