Despite a “testing” season, Angers “never gave up” welcomes Dujeux

The Angevin coach was satisfied with the state of mind of his group despite the very complicated season the club went through.

Alexandre Dujeux (Angers coach, beaten 1-0 at Nantes):

The preparation for this match was not easy, there are players and staff members who are on the way out. There were a little watery eyes before entering the field. It’s the end of a great adventure. The idea was to finish well, to give everything until the end. We could have given up weeks ago. It was complicated but I’m quite proud, the team never gave up even though we’ve been condemned for a while (…). It has been a trying season, but we have to draw conclusions, come out stronger, not repeat the same mistakes in an L2 championship which will be very very very tough. When we go down, we are expected, of course. And there will be a lot of movement in the off-season, a lot of uncertainty. We have players who are coveted. There are a lot of question marks. But the idea will be to fight and give everything for the club to move forward. It will not be easy to cut, even if the deadlines of the DNCG (financial policeman), the TAS (appeal against the ban on recruiting), these are things that I do not control. I will focus on the athlete“.

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