Despite instructions from OGC Nice, 80 Gym supporters are expected in Moldova

Despite instructions from OGC Nice, 80 Gym supporters are expected in Moldova

Opposites in round of 16 first leg of the Europa League Conference in Tiraspol, the people of Nice will however not see the city of Transnistria, a separatist region supported by Russia. They will land this Wednesday afternoon in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova, where all the European matches of Sheriff Tiraspol, the biggest club in the country, are to be played.

The two cities are separated by only seventy kilometers, but you have to cross an unofficial border post on the road, because Transnistria declared itself independent in the early 1990s. The war, waged since February 2022 by Russia in Ukraine , neighboring Transnistria, has also strained this region and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs therefore advises against traveling to Moldova.

The fear of a coup in the previous round against Partizan Belgrade

OGC Nice addressed the same speech to its supporters, and no travel is organized by groups. “OGC Nice must adopt a responsible attitudecommunicated the club, on March 3. He regrets having to advise his loyal supporters against traveling to Moldova. In the opinion of the DNLH (National Directorate for the Fight against Hooliganism), the current situation does not allow us to calmly consider moving. »

About 80 independent supporters are still expected in Chisinau, where the Sheriff’s last European match, against the Serbs of Partizan Belgrade (0-1, February 16 in the first leg play-offs, 3-1 in the return leg), was played without the least spectator. Two days before the meeting, Moldovan President Maia Sandu had accused Montenegro, Belarus and Serbia of supporting Russia to overthrow it.

This fear of a coup favored by the arrival of Serbs had pushed the government to decree a closed session, but the public will be back against Nice. No particular constraint governs the team’s trip and the Sheriff has only asked the Gym to sell nominative tickets to its supporters.

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