Did La Zarra give the middle finger during Eurovision 2023? She explains herself

By Emily Paul



La Zarra did a sort of middle finger live from Eurovision 2023. Screenshot.

VIDEO – Since Saturday evening, the Quebec singer, representative of France, has aroused controversy after having made a gesture that suggests a middle finger.

Every year theEurovision is punctuated by an event. In 2022, Laura Pausini, who presented the European Song Contest alongside Mika and Alessandro Cattelan, had been ill. The year before, the singer of the Italian group Måneskin had been suspected of having taken in the Green Room. The 67th edition is no exception to the rule.

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On Saturday evening, as Graham Norton and Hannah Waddingham announced the public points for each of the countries, La Zarra failed to hide his disappointment. Indeed, the representative of France indulged in a middle finger when she discovered that she had only received 50 points, thus finishing in 16th place in the general clification. If, at the time, no one made the slightest comment on this gesture, which was certainly furtive but clearly visible on the screen, not even Stéphane Bern and Laurence Boccolini who commented on the evening on France 2, the controversy quickly swelled, especially on social networks.

Faced with the rumble, the Quebecer expressed herself on Instagram. ” Goodnight all !!! I wanted to thank you for your valuable support. I am proud to have represented France and all of the Francophonie! Thanks to Europe and all the fans around the world. I will never forget this extraordinary and unique adventure!!!”she first wrote in a message posted in the story overnight.

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“I also wanted to tell you that the gesture I made in the Green room and that everyone takes up on social networks, is absolutely not contempt or an insult. And by no means a middle finger. It’s a gesture of disappointment on my part which means “whatever” which could be translated as “so be it”. No more no less. No intention to shock or provoke. I apologize if this was misinterpreted.”, she then added. And to conclude: “Thanks again for everything. Congratulations Sweden and Loreen. Congratulations to all the talented artists I have met in recent weeks. Looking forward to meeting you very soon for new adventures in France and elsewhere. Love you all».

Post from La Zarra on Instagram. Screenshot.

Earlier, La Zarra gave an interview to several French media. “There is something you have to understand. Although I represent France, I also have a double culture. It’s a bit generational, it’s not a negative gesture, on the contrary, it’s just a gesture of disappointment that we use between friends. Afterwards, I can understand that overseas it is considered as another gesture. There are many gestures which, historically, can be used in other countries and which mean other things.she said.

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