Didier Bourdon on his way to shoot “Le Daron”, a fiction for TF1

He doesn’t stop Didier Bourdon ! While spectators will see it from February 8 on the big screen in « Alibi.com 2 “, the second opus of the comedy of Philippe Lacheau where he camps the father-in-law of the hero, the former “Unknown” will begin next Monday in Bordeaux (Gironde) the filming of a pilot episode of a fiction of TF 1.

In the Daron”, the actor will slip into the dress of Vincent Daron, a whimsical tenor of the bar, at the head of a firm he founded with his brother. Patatras: at the death of this one, Vincent is flabbergasted when he learns that his brother has bequeathed his shares to a young lawyer, who is not part of the family circle and who has just given him cold sweats during a recent trial.

In this part planned in two parts (2 x 45 minutes) and directed by Franck Bellocq (“Happy us year”, “Love addict”), Didier Bourdon will rub shoulders with Mélanie Bernier (in the role of the young defender), Mathilda May, Audrey Pirault (seen in “The visitor from the future” at the cinema or the TV movie “Belle, belle, belle”) but also Nick Mukoko and François-David Cardonnel…

After the TV movie “By your side” where he became Jarry’s dad, suffering from incurable cancer, in October 2021 and the special fiction “All Unknowns” on November 14, which had made it possible to reconstitute the funniest trio in France that he formed with Pascal Légitimus and Bernard Campan, the actor therefore finds the front page for what could give rise to a next series.

Something to delight his fans who had also discovered him on France 3 two years ago as a Basque butcher desperate to see his pregnant daughter land with a vegan Parisian in the “100% organic” fiction by Fabien Onteniente.

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