Didier Deschamps after the victory of the Blues against Australia: “If we want to be quiet, we must take 33 players…”

“What is your analysis of the game and how your team reacted after the Australian goal?
Honestly, I think we had started the first minutes well, with two or three good sequences. Unfortunately, we take this avoidable goal which has cooled us. But the team reacted well by equalizing and taking the lead, even if there was a scare at the end of the first half. In second we had a lot of control, we forced Australia to defend, we had a lot of situations and opportunities. We scored four goals, that’s good, even if we could have scored more. It’s a very good start for us. The first match is always important, so congratulations to my players. They were able to respond present in the difficulty.

Did you warn your players before the match, taking the example of the defeat of Argentina v Saudi Arabia (1-2) ?
It’s not just the Saudis, there have been others too. Of course, we watch the matches.

“There is Theo who is there, and then after there will be other alternatives”

Olivier Giroud equaled Thierry Henry that he had been looking for for a while. Will it free him from a weight?
Oh he has no “weight”, I don’t know if he was looking for that, maybe because you talk to him about it a lot. Beyond this record, what matters to me is what he does on the pitch… Today, he had this efficiency, so much the better for him, but above all it is an important asset in the offensive animation.

With the injury of Lucas Hernandez, who becomes Theo Hernandez’s understudy in this position?
I will find other solutions. But hey… If we want to be quiet, we have to take thirty-three players, with all the positions tripled… There is Theo who is there, and then after there will be other alternatives.

“Antoine (Griezmann) has this volume which allows him to give balance, compared to the three attacking players”

Antoine Griezmann has evolved into a new role, how did you find him and what could be improved in this animation?
Everything can be improved… Antoine, by his volume and his technical accuracy, is a player who can, depending on what the opponent is doing, find himself in a midfield role. It’s not a sacrifice for him, it’s pleasure. If I made this choice with these players, it is because the objective is to put a team which is capable of creating problems for the opponent. We created a lot of them. It is true that, at times, we have been unbalanced by investments that can be corrected. But it’s new too, we hadn’t done it until now. Luckily it worked… Antoine has this volume which allows him to provide balance, compared to the three attacking players, especially when you don’t have the ball. »

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