Didier Digard (Nice coach): “We play for all of France”

Didier Digard (Nice coach): “We play for all of France”

“How are you approaching the first European match of your coaching career?
It’s quite exciting. Personally, we try to put that aside. It’s very important for the team, the club, and I would even say for France.

What are you afraid of Sheriff Tiraspol?
It’s a team that goes fast, powerful, strong in duels, with a lot of attacking talent. They showed us that even outside, they were efficient because they imposed themselves on the ground of Partizan Belgrade in the previous round (0-1, 3-1).

When you say it’s important for France, do you mean the UEFA index?
Yes, we are definitely aware of that. After the priority, it is the club. But if we want to benefit from more European places in the future, we know that we are playing for all of France.

Can your dynamic in L1 also help you in Europe?
It is necessarily important. We come here with a lot of confidence. Afterwards, trust is not enough. The stakes are different from what we have had until today. We have less European experience than the Sheriff in recent years but we have made a lot of effort to get here, and we don’t intend to let go now. »

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