Discover In the house of centuries, the unpublished short story by Michel Bernard

EXCLUSIVE – Every week, Le Figaro Magazine publishes an unpublished short story by a writer. This week, it’s Michel Bernard’s turn.

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“A historical account… How about the French campaign?”

It lasted about three months, it took me four to write Winter 1814. A challenge for a military episode marked by incessant troop movements, marches and countermarches, escapes and pursuits, reverse-front fights, columns going from east to west, veering from south to north, evading by east to return, etc. A panicked comp, a whirlwind. Between, Napoleon, with 60,000 men, a fifth of the invader’s strength, taking advantage of everything: its knowledge of the terrain, the divisions of the allies, the patriotism of the people, the profession of the officers and non-commissioned officers, the valor of the old troops, the dragons brought up from Spain, the courage of conscripts and national guards, all this under snowstorms, icy rain, in the mud, between Bar-le-Duc and Paris. No place in the world is more familiar to me; born there, I…

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