Discover L’Infiltrée, the unpublished short story by Bruno Fuligni

Every week, Le Figaro Magazine publishes an unpublished short story by a writer. This week, it’s Bruno Fuligni*’s turn. was the last chance number: the counter-espionage line. Mr. Briochet had had it with him for days, written down on a little piece of increasingly crumpled paper: hesitant, feverish, he finally made up his mind, grabbed his cell phone and called.

– Hello? Counter-espionage? I have some revelations to tell you about a suspicious stranger…

– Don’t say any more on the phone: let’s see you tomorrow, at the little café on your street.

– I’ll give you the address…

– No need, we already know who you are. See you tomorrow, 8 a.m.

Impressed by the efficiency of the services, Mr. Briochet hardly slept that night. Added to the anguish of the mysterious meeting was the rage of the jealous lover. Because it was certain, she was cheating on him. They had loved each other, adored each other, an unleashing of the senses had illuminated for a few weeks his life as a hardworking old boy; and then she began to distance herself, to disappear without explanation… However, he had helped her, accommodated her, he had found her this internship at the Center…

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