Discover Marie-Antoinette and Mozart, a story, the unpublished short story by Laure Dautriche

Laura Dautriche Tallandier

EXCLUSIVE – Each week, Le Figaro Magazine publishes an unpublished novel by a writer. This week, it’s the turn of Laure Dautriche.

Laure Dautriche’s latest published book is Paganini, the devil’s violinist (Tallandier).

Monsieur Mozart, it’s been fifteen years since we’ve seen each other. In Vienna, isn’t it?, asks Marie-Antoinette.

Yes, Your Majesty, answers Mozart. You were 7 years old and I was 6. I had come to play the harpsichord at Court. My father told me that I had slipped that day on the over-waxed parquet floor.

In the spring of 1778, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart returned to Paris. He moved to rue de Cléry with his sister, Maria Anna, in a dark two-room apartment overlooking a courtyard. But it’s a clean street where quality people live. At 22, Mozart hopes to develop his career as a composer which began feverishly. Paris is in his eyes the only city where one can earn money with honors. He is convinced that all the doors will open without his having to make the slightest effort. Isn’t he Mozart after all?

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The musician arrives in Paris without a letter of recommendation, without an appointment in…

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